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What do we do?

We believe that life is worth living well and at a young age, it’s hard to navigate and make the right choices. Therefore, finding the right teachers to guide us and to point us towards the right direction is of the utmost importance.

Ascend Tuition & Enrichment School is made up of dedicated and caring teachers, who are not just concern about the student’s academics, but for the student as a person. We believe that every child is innately intelligent, creative and able to do his or her best in life. Finding the right way to motivate them is what we do.

All teaching staffs are required to be kept-up-to-date through regular upgrade courses and staying relevant with the latest teaching curriculum and methods. We teach, but we are also learners. We set out to be partners with parents in maximizing your child’s abilities and this three way commitment and love between the parent, child and us is what marks everything that we do.


Howard Kuay 
  • Master of Education, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, National University of Singapore
  • Higher Diplomas in Communication and Leadership

Having worked with youths-at-risk and the down-and-out for the last 10 years, Mr. Howard is passionate about helping young people realize their maximum potential.

Having done research in the field of education and assisted in the setting up of non-profit organizations, he has come to one conclusion: everyone is unique and deserves to be cared for and loved uniquely and the future is bright!

In his free time, Mr. Howard loves to read books and to cycle around Singapore, wishing he were in costume fighting crime.


Terence Koh 
Master Teacher, Math Curriculum Specialist

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education
  • Bachelor Degree in Science, Major in Mathematics, UniSIM
  • Diploma in Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Mr. Terence is a champion children worker, having done home visitations and conducting Sunday school lessons for the last 9 years, he believes that education helps to nurture a child’s character and attitude towards learning. Success comes when one knows when to pick him or herself up and to persevere through.

Having taught in a MOE school for the last 5 years, Mr. Terence has decided to go in search of children in need to help in this new phase of his ife.

Mr. Terence has two loves in his life, mathematics and children. Make that three; he says he loves his wife too.

When not solving sums, creating more problems or being with children, Mr. Terence enjoys watching movies, perfecting his balloon sculpting and rollerblading.